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Colorado Fishing Tips

A Free Fishing Tip for Colorado

Colorado is a fly anglers dream. Although Colorado has over 6000 miles of streams and 2000 lakes, with over 35 species of freshwater fish, the Centennial State is best known for it's native rainbow trout fisheries. People come from all over the world to fly fish in Colorado's pristine environments. And the places you'll be fishing in are some of the most scenic in the U.S. The states unique ecosystems are such that to be really successful, you'll need to learn a few Colorado fishing tips:
  • Colorado Rainbow trout are native trout, so if you are used to catching stockers back east, you're in for a surprise. These are much more finicky, and spooky. A good fly technique in Colorado is a Dry Dropper Rig. Tie on a weighted nymph (the Hare's Ear and Pheasant Tail Nymph patterns work like magic at times), then make a dropper loop 18” above that. To the loop, add a dry fly ( the Wulf series patterns are great for this). Now, fish it normally, using the dry fly as a strike indicator. Don't be surprised if you hook two at once with this rig. The dry fly doesn't spook the fish like a normal strike indicator would.
  • Below tail-waters are always good bets for large trout in Colorado. One of the best fly patterns all year long for tail-waters is a Mysis shrimp pattern. Fish them small, and at different depths for the best results.
  • Another effective method below tail-races is drift-fishing. Drift-Fishing in Colorado means something different than in the rest of the country. In Colorado Drift-Fishing, the boat is stationary. It is the bait that drifts. To make a drift-rig, just attach several split shots to the bottom of your line, and make a dropper loop 12-18 inches above that, than attach a bait hook. Bait the hook with a night-crawler and cast it upstream. let the current carry it downstream, keeping your line tight enough to just feel the split shots bouncing along the bottom. If your line stops drifting, or moves funny, set the hook. If you get hung, just pull on the line and the hung split-shot will come off, leaving the rest so you can finish the drift.
  • Colorado has some great back-country fishing spots. Rocky Mountain State park, and State Forest Park are good choices, especially in the summer. Both offer large populations of brown, rainbow, brook and cutthroat trout, and it is not uncommon to catch & release 50 fish a day there.
Colorado has breathtaking scenery, and great fishing. It can be even better if you remember these Colorado fishing tips.

Happy fishing.
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Free Fishing Tips 

Colorado Fishing Tips


Trout Fishing Tips You May Never See in a Book

Trout Fishing Tips

There have been enough books written on how to catch trout to fill several libraries. And most of them say all the same things. "Read the water....", "Make Quartering Casts.....", "Match the Hatch...", yadaah, yadaah, yadaah... The same old trout fishing tips that the ancient Macedonians used. Don't get me wrong. All this information is great...the first 50 or 60 times you hear it, but in over 2500 years of trout fishing, can't anyone come up with something new? Not everyone wants to learn to fly fish, or learn entymology (all about bugs...), and it is not necessary to do so just to catch trout. I have caught many a Rainbow Trout on nothing more than a worm and a cane pole. I love fly fishing, and tying flies, but it is not the end-all of trout fishing. It has just as much to do with tactics as it does tackle.

Here are some trout fishing tips you will probably never see in a book:
  • Trout have incredible hearing. No matter what you have read, it is not always necessary to wade, and it is better if you don't. Humans cannot move through water silently, no matter how hard we try. We are not aquatic creatures. Stay on the bank, and at least 10 feet from the edge of the water as much as possible. When you do wade, take small, slow steps, not lifting your feet any more than absolutely necessary. Even when you are standing still in the water, the trout can hear the water rushing past your legs.
  • Trout can smell even better than they can hear. The night before you plan to fish, do not smoke, use deodorant, soap, or aftershave. As soon as you get to the river, lake, or stream, run your hands and any other exposed parts of your body through the stream or bank mud to hide your scent. It's a good idea to put scent on your lures as well, such as Smelly Jelly, or BaitMate, to cover up any human smell. And always fish upstream, as smell will be carried downstream with the current.
  • Trout have wonderful vision, and can see colors. Your waders may be OD Green, but trout look up for things falling in the water, and they can see that bright orange hula shirt you like to fish in from several yards away. Stick to subdued colors that will blend into the background. Camouflage is great. Try to stay low as much as possible, and use cover when you can, such as tree limbs, rocks, etc....

Stalking trout is a great challenge, and also can make one become somewhat reflective, because we all know that trout don't live in ugly places. Be that as it may, the idea is to catch fish, and by applying these trout fishing tips, your odds of success will increase greatly.

Happy Fishing.

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Trout Fishing Tips You May Never See in a Book


Rainbow Trout Fishing Tips: The Best Baits To Use For Rainbow Trout

For those of you who are interested in rainbow trout fishing tips (which you obviously are because you are reading this article) some of the best tips revolve around the type of baits to use to catch these beautiful fish. Should you use "flies", man-made bait that comes in jars, minnow plugs, live bait, or should you search the internet for a "homemade" trout bait recipe? In this article I will draw upon my twenty plus years of knowledge fishing for the beautiful fish known as the rainbow trout to outline a list of the best baits to use for rainbow trout.

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Now, I will undoubtedly leave out a bait or two, but in my experience the following baits are at the very least among the best baits that can be used for the fish that many anglers refer to as rainbows. If you don't already employ any of these trout bait choices, you should consider adding them sooner rather than later if you are interested in being a successful trout angler.

Live Worms - Live worms are a wonderful bait choice when it comes to fishing for "rainbows", particularly if you are fishing in a river. Drifting a live worm through the current of a river or stream that contains rainbow trout is a wonderful technique to use. Often referred to as drift fishing, this technique is a great way to fool hungry trout.

Insects - Insects are a major food source for this particular species of fish and while live insects are difficult (if not impossible) to use as bait for trout, artificial insects (flies) are not. Therefore artificial flies are the best way to mimic live insects and are thus great bait for rainbow trout. I realize that this fact isn't a secret as there is an entire style of fishing devoted to fishing with artificial flies called "fly fishing". However it is often assumed that spin fishermen can't use artificial flies as bait, which is a mistake. Artificial flies can be used as bait by spin fishermen by employing a small plastic sphere called a casting bubble. For spin fishermen this may be one of the best rainbow trout fishing tips that they ever receive. The bottom line is that insects are a major food source (and thus a great bait choice) when it come to fishing for rainbow trout.

Power Bait - Although often scoffed at by rainbow trout "purists", power bait is an excellent bait to use to catch rainbow trout, particularly if those trout and been "stocked". This particular trout bait is normally "still fished" in a lake or pond that has been "stocked" with rainbow trout.

Power Worms - Power worms, whether you are talking about power trout worms or "alive" night crawlers, are extruded worms that are impregnated with life like scents that fish find to be as real as live worms. Some anglers even swear that Power worms will out fish live worms when it comes to fishing for rainbow trout.

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There is little doubt that the aforementioned trout baits should be a part of any serious trout fisherman's repertoire. Are they the only bait s that can be used for our beautiful friends known as "rainbows"? Of course not, but if you haven't tried any of these baits, you probably should, sooner rather than later.

Trevor Kugler is co-founder of and an avid angler. He has more than 25 years experience fishing for all types of fish, and 15 years of business and internet experience. He currently raises his five year old daughter in the heart of trout fishing country.

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