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Bait-Fishing Tips

Bait-fishing is low-tech fishing at its best. It can be as simple as sitting on a bank with a cane pole and a can of worms, or as involved as complicated rigs, minnow, or worm harnesses for trolling. Most of us settle for something in-between. More fish are caught on natural bait than by any other method. It is also one of the most relaxing forms of fishing. Also known as still-fishing, it mostly just involves putting a suitable organic form of bait on a hook, then sitting back and waiting for a fish to bite. it can be done from a boat, a dock, the shore, wading, in fresh or salt water, day or night. Bait-fishing may be low-tech, but more than any other method, it requires some prior knowledge of bait-fishing tips to be really successful.
  • One of the best baits for bluegills is angle worms, or red wigglers. But you need to make sure you thread the worm through the center of it's body, all the way to the end of the worm, completely covering the hook-point. Bluegills (and other sunfish) are accomplished bait-thieves, and can slurp a worm off of a hook before you even realize it is there. If they see the hook point, they will quit biting it.
  • If you are fishing with minnows and their eyes keep disappearing from your bait, it is sunfish, most likely bluegills. Rig up a light rod with a worm, and use that as a decoy to keep them off of your minnows. Any bluegills you catch can always be cooked as well, or used for bait (where legal).
  • If crappie slow down on biting, you can tempt them by taking a pair of fingernail clippers and making a small nick in the lower tail-fin of you minnow. This will make it swim erratically and drive crappie and bass wild.
  • To have lively fat nightcrawlers to fish with, the night before you plan to go out, place your nightcrawlers on a bed of wet newspaper and place it in the refrigerator. The next morning, you will have fat, jumping nightcrawlers.
  • To make colored nightcrawlers. just place some food coloring in their bedding. They will change to that color. The food coloring is harmless to them.
  • In summer, you can keep your minnows healthier in the minnow bucket by placing a few cubes if ice in the water (make sure it was made from non-chlorinated water). Also, a teaspoon per gallon of salt added to the water will reduce the stress on the minnows, and make them stay alive longer.
By using these bait-fishing tips, you can get more out of your bait, and bring home a lot more fish.

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Happy fishing.