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Wisconsin Fishing Tips

Tips For Fishing In Wisconsin

Wisconsin has a lot more to offer than just great cheese, and beer. The Badger State is covered with a multitude of lakes and streams, and some fantastic cold-water fishing. They also have both species of black bass, white bass, catfish, crappie, and sunfish. From fishing in a dark-house through the ice in winter, to trolling in summer, Wisconsin has something for every kind of angler. Just by learning a few Wisconsin fishing tips, you can be assured of a great fishing trip.
  • Although Wisconsin has great trout fishing, the Walleye reigns supreme among anglers. The Badger state is famous for it's year-around walleye fisheries. Soon after ice-out, the walleyes are still a bit sluggish, so use smaller lures and baits in early spring. Lead-head jigs tipped with 2”-3” grub-tails are very productive, especially when cast or trolled along shallow bays.
  • After the spawn, walleyes will move to slightly deeper water, in bays with access to shallows. Look for schools of minnows, and the walleyes won't be far off.
  • Small-mouth bass spawn in June. Cast a Tiny Torpedo into shallow gravel beds to zap aggressive males guarding the nest. If they get finicky, use a lead-head jig with a small curly-tail to trigger explosive strikes.
  • In Summertime bass love to feast on crawfish. Cast plastic Craws, crank-baits, or jigs into rock-piles in 8-20 feet of water. The bass are looking for anything that appears to be 'popping' out of the rocks.
  • Northern Pike and Muskellunge are very popular targets for anglers. In spring, and early summer, they hang out in structure in shallow water, especially along weed-beds. Work spinners and crank baits along shallow weed-beds, or troll large suckers and minnows along ledges to trigger explosive strikes.
  • Lake trout can be caught all year-long in Wisconsin. Lake Trout prefer water temperatures of 47°F to 50°F. In the spring and early summer, they can be found in relatively shallow water near schools of bait-fish. In late summer, they move to deeper water, 100 feet and deeper. Use a thermometer to check the water temperature at depth. Wherever you find the temperature within their preferences, you will most likely find Lake Trout. The most productive lure for Lake Trout are Red & White Daredevels, or 5 of Diamonds Daredevels, larger Mepps spinners and Roostertails, and bucktail jigs.

Wisconsin has some of the best fishing in the country, especially for cold-water species. By using a few Wisconsin fishing tips, you can make your fishing trips in the state memorable ones. Oh, and don't forget to check out the cheeses, as well. You just can't leave the state without trying a large bowl of their Smoked Cheddar-Cheese Beer Soup. It's worth the trip all by itself.

Happy fishing.

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Wisconsin Fishing Tips