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Fishing Boat Tips

Tips For Using A Fishing Boat

Fishing from a boat is a very different activity than the slow, deliberate techniques used in shore fishing. From a boat, an angler can cover miles of water in a short amount of time, and search for fish in offshore structures, and the depths that are inaccessible from shore. Trolling, and Jump-Fishing are impossible without a boat. Of course, when you start to operate a boat, there is a learning curve, but you can reduce this greatly by learning just a few fishing boat tips:
  • If you do nothing else, learn to be a safe and considerate boater. You owe it to yourself, and to your passengers to give them a nice, safe, enjoyable ride. Motor slowly and deliberately, and always give other boats a wide berth. Be especially careful in No-Wake areas, and in areas where others are fishing.
  • Store all tackle, clothing, and gear below decks before getting underway. Lower all pedestal seats to keep the center of gravity low when underway. Make sure everyone on-board wears a PFD, at least when underway. Be sure there is a Coast Guard Approved PFD for every person on-board.
  • Try not to spook the fish. When approaching your fishing area, shut the main motors off well before you get there, and use an electric trolling motor to get you the rest of the way in. Trolling motors are much quieter. The clearer the water, the farther away you need to be from the fish. In very clear water, be prepared to make long casts.
  • Dropping anchor can scare fish. Avoid using an anchor except when in rough water or heavy current. Use a drift-anchor instead. In fast water, use a bow, and stern anchor, and cast upstream. If you are fishing next to a non-submerged object, tie on to it, and fish straight down. If fishing submerged cover, stay back from it and cast into the structure. If casting towards a shoreline, stay as far back as you can cast.
  • For hard-core stealth fishing for very spooky fish, nothing beats a kayak. They are swift, silent, and non-polluting. When set-up properly, with a reasonably skilled paddler, they are as unsinkable as any boat can get. They are inexpensive for what they do, and much lighter than canoes. They even come in inflatable models to use when space is at a premium.
More fish are probably caught from a boat than by any other method. You can tip the odds more in your favor by using a few good fishing boat tips the next time you go out.

Happy fishing.
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Fishing Boat Tips