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Fall Fishing Tips

Fishing Tips

Fall can be some of the best fishing of the year. As the temperatures cool down to a more comfortable level, most gamefish move back into the shallows and begin to gorge in order to "stoke-up" for the long winter period of inactivity. The baitfish and shad have all spawned, producing schools of millions of young baitfish, which the gamefish gorge on. If you know a few good fall fishing tips, you can have some very memorable autumn outings.
  • A lot of aquatic vegetation, especially the grasses, begin to die-off in fall. These hold huge quantities of minnows, because the decaying vegetation attracts tons of plankton, which the minnows feed on. Larger gamefish feed on the minnows, so if you find large areas of scummy-looking dead grass, there will most likely be gamefish nearby.
  • Another way to look for fish in the fall is to watch for wheeling and diving flocks of birds, such as gulls. They are probably targeting a large school of minnows or shad near the surface. There will be gamefish underneath, savagely attacking the school from below. Many times, you can actually see the water boiling as if a school of piranhas were feeding. Cast right into the melee, and hang on. When the school disperses, look for another one. This is called Jump-Fishing.
  • In fall, wind becomes a more important factor in locating fish. It is because the baitfish will congregate on the downwind side of a body of water, so if there is a south wind, the bait fish will stack-up on the north side, and vice-verse. The gamefish will follow the baitfish.
  • In fall, fish feed at different times, and not all fish will be feeding at the same time, so the fishing may be in stages. Also, cold snaps will run fish back out to deeper water, so on especially cool days, look for fish in deeper water, near cover.
  • Here is a fall fishing tip that is often overlooked. Fly anglers use a technique called "Matching the Hatch", meaning they try to approximate the colors, shape and size of whatever bug is currently on the water. You can do the same thing with lures, by selecting ones that are similar to the local baitfish as far as size, color and action. This will increase your odds greatly, because the gamefish are used to these.
Autumn can be a very productive time of year to fish, and even more so if you learn just a few basic fall fishing tips.

Happy fishing.
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Fall Fishing Tips