Pacific Ocean Fishing Tips

Offshore fishing in the Pacific ocean for billfish, tuna, mahi-mahi, and other pelagic species offers some of the most spectacular experiences you can have. From the Pacific Coast of South America, Mexico, California, all the way to Alaska, the Pacific Ocean offers many varied habitats for different species of pelagic pugilists. There are so many different types of fishing that you can do in the Pacific that it is hard to generalize, but there are some general Pacific Ocean fishing tips that you may find helpful no matter what you are fishing for.
  • Most Pacific Salmon are caught trolling. But the Pacific can be rough at times, so be sure the boat you go out in is at least 20' long, with an offshore hull. One of the best rigs for trolling is using a Limit Out rig with herring, or anchovies. The Limit Out rig is a harness with a spinner on the front that drives salmon bananas. Another good rig is an umbrella, or spider rig.
  • Big-Game fishing for species like Blue and Black Marlin are going to involve the use of a charter boat. You want a Captain and crew that are experienced with catching billfish, not tuna. Billfish are somewhat dangerous, and require special handling. Don't be afraid to ask to tour the boat beforehand, and check for proper safety equipment, see if they keep the boat clean, and in good order, etc....It's not a bad idea to ask for references, and contact some of their previous customers before you go out with them.
  • For Yellowfin Tuna (Ahi) is a spreader rig that allows you to troll 5 to 7 jigs side-by-side, to imitate a small school of fleeing baitfish. Another good rig is Daisy-Chain, that allows you to run several lures, one behind the other.
  • One of the best halibut lures is a new one from Fishcracker Baits called the 'But-Cracker'. It consists of a squid-like jig with two metal heads. You simply drop the rig straight down to the bottom, then reel it up about 2 feet. Now, just jiggle the rod tip every so often. This causes the two metal heads to bang against each other, creating a 'clacking' sound that draws in halibut from great distances.
  • When you hook a dorado (Mahi-Mahi), don't be too quick to pull it from the water. It's struggles will draw other dorados to the fight, and you can catch several on other rods. Leave it in the water and let it struggle for a bit.
Pacific Deep-Sea fishing can be the trip of a lifetime, especially if you take the time to learn a few Pacific ocean fishing tips, before you go.

Happy fishing.
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Pacific Ocean Fishing Tips

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